Mapping of all Hydropower Potentials in West Africa now online!

The ECOWAS Small-Scale Hydro power Program addresses the untapped potential of the hydro power sector in West Africa. ECREEE implements projects to overcome existing barriers related to missing awareness, technical skills and capacity, discharge data gap, lack of policies and private sector involvement. 

A complete hydro power resource assessment and simulation for all rivers and tributaries in West Africa was missing. The GIS hydro power potential mapping for West Africa was recently finalized and all results, layers and maps were put online on the ECOWREX observatory, where you can find:

  • 7 Layers on hydrology, such as mean monthly and annually discharge;
  • 10 Layers on hydro power potential, also classified by sizes;
  • 14 Layers on climate change scenarios;
  • 3 layers on hydro power plants;
  • 14 summarized country reports;
  • 1 overall report on background, methodology and lessons learned;
  • And 8 excellent training presentations on methodology, lessons learned and results in English and in French.

You also find the final programs documents on preparing for small-scale hydro power development in Sierra Leone and in Guinea. The first component practical flow measurement training was implemented successfully in 2016. You find the manual online. The next components to upgrade the hydrological network and database are in preparation.


Responsible for the ECOWAS Small-Scale Hydropower Program:
Hannes Bauer,



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